Another of those things so often overlooked....not only the internals of the stove for safety reasons but also the externals for appearance.

People are generally busy.....your newly fitted stove takes pride of place in the living room and your furniture all rotates itself over time to point directly at it. You clean it every day. It looks fantastic.....until it doesn't. The paint fades, the glass slowly blackens and the hearth starts to look tired.

Let us give it a new lease of life! We will:

-Strip the stove down, removing every part and checking its condition. We will order any replacement parts needed and return to fit them. (Parts not included in cost)

-Change glass and door seals

-Deep clean stove glass

-Polish stove for a 'back to black' look

-Oil any tired looking natural stone hearth

-Refit all parts

-Reseal all flue connections

-Drink any tea on offer. (Discounts may apply)